Unable to cite musical differences, drug abuse or psychotic meltdowns, Breaking Laces is simply amicably moving on to pursue new endeavors. We want to wholeheartedly thank everybody who has joined us on our journey over the past decade and supported us in any and every way. Seriously, we can't thank you enough and will always have fond memories of our treks across the globe, the legacy of music that was made, and everybody who we came into contact with.

We all still don't know what we want to be when we grow up, but here's the gist:

Willem Hartong will be writing songs for Nashville folks, releasing a children's album in December, and spending time with his young daughters as well as making Brooklyn cooler again.

Seth Masarsky is looking to play the drums and program beats live for Katy Perry or John Mayer (or a suitable clone who pays well), in addition to continuing to produce and mix records for other artists. He may very well end up on the business side of the industry and hang up his sticks if it feels right.

Rob Chojnacki will be available as a first call bassist and will branch more into website design and tech start-up firms.

All inquiries about individual for hire availability, sync and licensing questions and general info, and most of all our music can now be funneled straight to

All the best, and continue to rock,

Billy, Seth & Rob

P.S. We'd love to get a chance to say a more personal "goodbye for now" so feel free to hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.. and upload any pics you might have of us – we’d love to see them!